Attack on Titan 3DS Game Coming to the West

Attack on Titan was the anime surprise of 2013, becoming exceedingly popular out here in the West. As we patiently wait for the show's second season to begin sometime next year, we wonder if we'll be able to get our titan-hunting on in videogame form. It sounds like Atlus will be answering that call by publishing Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind.

The Last Wings of Mankind was a 3DS game developed by Spike Chunsoft and released last December in Japan. Later this year, an expansion that adds various new features, such as online multiplayer, will make landfall. What does this mean for us? It seems that the Australian Classification page has posted a ratings listing for Attack on Titan, indicating that the game is in the process of localization. Despite the fact that this news come from Australia, the publisher is Atlus' USA branch, which means that the game is indeed coming to North America.

The listing makes mention of online interaction, so it's safe to say that the localization will be of the expansion, not the original game. This mirrors the treatment that Bravely Default received — in that case as well, it was the updated expansion that was brought out West. Now we must sit back until Atlus makes an official announcement.


Nintendo Job Posting Indicates Work on New Console Has Begun

Nintendo has mentioned in the past that work on new consoles begins almost immediately after the previous ones hit the market. Sure enough, at a financial briefing earlier this year, president Satoru Iwata confirmed that the follow-up to Wii U was already in the preparation stages. So if any you thought that Nintendo was simply going to give up on home consoles just because its latest machine isn't doing so hot, you thought wrong!

Back on October 9, Nintendo posted a job listing for a senior software engineer at the Nintendo Technology Development department. NTD is an R&D group that helps design console hardware, so if its ranks are being increased, it's likely because work on the next machine is in full swing. Reading the full listing confirms this: The new hire will lead the system-on-a-chip architecture group and track GPU developments that could be used in future hardware, among other roles.

If you've got the necessary experience and want to ensure that Nintendo's next console can actually compete with the others in terms of power, don't be afraid to submit a resume.

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Shovel Knight : une date sur l’eShop

Entre les mains de Nintendo of Europe depuis le milieu du mois de septembre, Shovel Knight dispose enfin d’une date de sortie pour les joueurs Wii U et Nintendo 3DS de notre région. A lire également : Notre test de Shovel KnightSauf erreur de la fiche jeu du Nintendo eShop, c’est le jeudi 6 novembre que le premier jeu de Yacht Club Games sera disponible en téléchargement, avec ses textes en français, pour 14.99 euros. Cet hommage des plus réussis à l’ère 8-bit est propulsé par les musiques de Jake “Virt” Kaufman et met en scène le Chevalier-Pelleteur maniant la légendaire épelle. La sortie en novembre avait déjà été confirmée un peu plus tôt par Yacht Club Games. : Dernieres news de jeux vidéo

Skullgirls Encore PS4 video shows PS3 arcade stick compatibility

As part of Lab Zero Games’ efforts to bring Skullgirls Encore to PlayStation 4, the developer has been looking into ways to bring PlayStation 3 arcade stick support to the next-gen version. Interestingly, the studio appears to have made actual progress.

A new video uploaded by lead developer Mike Zaimont reveals a custom USB driver uploaded into the current Skullgirls Encore PS4 build, which allows previous-generation arcade sticks to be used flawlessly. The driver will only work with arcade sticks, since it identifies them as a generic third-party USB joystick, so don’t look for DualShock 3 controllers to work here. Of course, any DualShock 4-exclusive features, like the Home and Share buttons, will still require a PS4 controller for use.

The full video can be seen below. Marvel as Zaimont institutes the kind of backwards compatibility that next-gen fighting games like Killer Instinct have yet to pull off.

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Fractured Space, New Game from Strike Suit Zero Developers

Several members of Born Ready Games, the studio behind the space sim Strike Suit Zero, have come together to form a new company called Edge Case Games. Their first major project is another space odyssey called Fractured Space, and it will be ready for Steam Early Access later this year.

As the team describes the game:

Fractured Space is a multiplayer, team-based space combat game putting you at the helm of colossal capital ships. Each multiplayer match offers an intense team battle, rife with deadly exchanges between craft but underpinned by a grander strategy. Take advantage of your ship’s unique abilities and weapons to exploit your enemy’s weakness, take control of the map and work together to eviscerate your opponents. With the moment-to-moment intensity of a shooter, but driven by the bigger-picture thinking of a strategy game, Fractured Space is at the forefront of a new frontier for the genre.

You'll be able to register for early playtests by signing up here. After the Early Access period, the game will officially launch next year using a free-to-play model. Meanwhile, check out a couple of developer diaries from before Fractured Space was formally announced.

Edge Case Dev Log #1 – The Ships of the New Game:

Edge Case Dev Log #2 – The Vision for [the New Game]: