Arma 3 Reconnaissance Guide shows how to scout out the enemy

Bohemia Interactive’s Arma 3 continues to have a dedicated following long after its launch in 2012. The tactical shooter has been getting regular updates, including a 3D Scenario Editor earlier this year. Now, the company has released a community guide describing the ins and outs of recon, featuring Shack Chatty’s own Andrew “Dslyecxi” Gluck of Shack Tactical.

The new video explores what to look out for when scanning the terrain, as well as the various methods of ‘recon’ in Arma 3, ranging from infantry using binoculars and magnified scopes, to helicopters with magnified sensor suites, and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) or Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV),” according to the press release.

Of course, Dslyecxi has been into Arma and creating guides for some time. Bohemia was so impressed with his work that they hired him as designer for two years before he left In 2014, Around the time that he departed, he created a guide on air assault. There is a complete Community Guide playlist on Arma 3 YouTube channel.

If you play Arma and don’t know about Shack Tactical, aka ShackTac, then you might want to check out the Community Spotlight we did on the group a few years back.

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Can The Division Be Fixed? Ubisoft Outlines How It Will Deal With Cheats

the division city streets
Tom Clancy’s The Division
isn’t having the greatest time, at least not on the PC, where cheating is rampant due to the game’s client-based netcode. A few days ago, Glenn Fielder, who worked on Titanfall, commented that The Division may have to have its netcode rewritten from scratch to prevent the abundance of hackers and cheaters that have since made the PC version of the game difficult for many legit players to participate in.

Posting on its company blog, Ubisoft Massive has outlined new methods to detect hackers, exploiters and cheaters and intends to punish them.

“First, we have implemented new cheat detection methods that have allowed us to identify many more players currently using cheat engines in the game. We have already caught more cheaters in the last few days than we had in total during the previous weeks. As a result, we will be handing out the biggest wave of suspensions and bans to date over the course of the next few days,” they wrote.

“Second, when cheaters are caught, we will now apply a suspension of 14 days on first offense (instead of the previous 3 day initial suspension). Second offense will always be a permanent ban.”

The studio then goes on to explain what they mean by “exploits,” which can be very easily performed by accident. They define it as follows:

What is a bug exploit?

An exploit is the active triggering and use of a bug or glitch to bypass established game rules in order to gain a significant advantage or skip progression steps otherwise necessary.

Identifying and fixing bugs before releasing new content is one of the most important parts of game development. This is also the best way to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable experience for our players. Learning from the past and your great feedback, we are currently reviewing our development and testing process to further minimize the amount and impact of these bugs going forward.

Unfortunately, we cannot simulate the experience that millions of different players will have, and how they will play the game. As a result, some bugs may make it through testing, and may be present when an update is deployed. In the event that a bug makes it into the game, and this bug can be used by players to gain an advantage, we need to be able to react and fix it, but also dissuade players from exploiting this bug until it is fixed. This is why moving forward we will adopt a stronger stance against players abusing exploits.

Our first step is to give you clearer and more concrete visibility. Should new bugs be discovered, we will quickly confirm if these are considered exploits. All known exploits will be clearly listed in a public forum thread and across our various communication platforms. We want all players to be informed. This will ensure that those caught after an exploit was confirmed are aware of the consequences and actions that can be taken against them.

Second, sanctions will be implemented for players who repeatedly abuse exploits and will vary depending on the severity of the abuse, as well as the history of the player. Possible sanctions include character rollbacks, account suspensions and permanent bans. Those who encounter bugs during the normal course of play have absolutely nothing to worry about.

As mentioned earlier, providing a high-quality experience is our priority. Fixing game bugs is one aspect of it, and we are improving our processes to address that. Dissuading players from impairing others’ gameplay by violating the rules of the game is another aspect. We also want to give you better visibility and transparency. We are fully committed to providing an enjoyable and fair environment for all our players, and will take all steps necessary to achieve this goal.

Unfortunately, this may not have the desired effect on the playerbase, which is already on edge about the company’s threats to ban players for exploiting the game.

It’ll be interesting to see how the game holds up in the long run as cheaters and Ubisoft Massive go head-to-head in this unfortunate arms race. With every new update and detection script, the cheaters are simply going to find new ways to circumvent the detection. Unless Ubisoft Massive rewrites the netcode, cheating is always going to be an issue with The Division.

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What Would Happen If Minecraft Had Real Physics?

3D artist Michał Mroszczak has put together a funny little video set in the world of Minecraft detailing what it would be like if the game actually had physics.

As any Minecraft player will know, the game doesn’t actually have anything in the way of real physics. Blocks float in the air and gravity doesn’t seem to apply to anything outside from a few things (like the player character, for example, or sand and gravel).

Building off that thought, Michał asked what it would be like if the game actually incorporated gravity and how it would apply to buildings. The result is amusing, to say the least.

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Only 4 Days Left for Masquerada: Songs and Shadows Kickstarter

There’s a magical fantasy tactical RPG on Kickstarter that needs just one final funding push to make it to the finish line.

The Masquerada: Songs and Shadows storyline takes place during a war between the Masquerada guildsmen and the Contadani lower classes. Cicero Gavar is a detective who must solve the kidnapping of a diplomat, and he and other members of the Masquerada must navigate the staunchly divided Citte della Ombre to restore order and justice.

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The gameplay of Masquerada: Songs and Shadows centers on a”Pause for Tactics” style of combat. You can pause the game and make calculated decisions about how Cicero and his party members fight battles. Alternatively, you can just rush in and brute force instead. Masquerada: Songs and Shadows doesn’t have a standard type of loot system, but instead Cicero and every character carry signature weapons that can be upgraded by sigil engravings and ink patterns.

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The reward tiers stay in a modest budget from the smaller to largest possible options. For £14 ($ 20 USD) you get a digital download of Masquerada: Songs and Shadows for Steam or PS4, plus your name in the credits. But for the most generous backers out there, the £180 ($ 259 USD) tier you get a signed Kickstarter exclusive Poster, a DRM Free copy of the game, a figurine, a physical and digital artbook, a USB stick, a copy of the game soundtrack, and a life-sized mask that’s the same as what the Cicero character wears in the game’s intro sequence.

The Witching Hour Studios team explained why they turned to Kickstarter this late into the game’s production.

“Back in 2014, we signed a publishing partnership with Ysbryd Games to secure a funding warchest for the development of Masquerada that basically lasts until April 2016 (i.e. end of this month). Of course, because we don’t have the financial means to continue beyond April, we asked Ysbryd for a bit more to see us through this period of extra refinement. Unfortunately, even their hands were tied with respect to further funding.”

They need this last bit of funding to help guarantee Masquerada: Songs and Shadows is completed in time, but also with the level of detail and refinement they wish to give the final product.  They’ll focus on making sure combat encounters are balanced, and throw in some more visual tweaks to give the game’s graphics an “eye-popping” shine.

A demo of the game is available on Steam, with a Summer 2016 release date for the final product. To check in on the development progress, you can turn to their website and Twitter for more. You can support the game on Kickstarter.

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Total War: Warhammer Chaos Warriors will be Free for One Week

Yesterday, Creative Assembly made an announcement about the real-time strategy game Total War: Warhammer, specifically in regards to the (somewhat now infamous) Chaos Warriors add-on.

The Chaos Warriors Race Pack DLC was originally only free for people who pre-ordered the game. But in what they call an “Early Adopter” bonus, anyone who buys Total War: Warhammer within the first week of release will get it too. The free period comes to an end at “18:00 BST on the 31st May”, according to one of the announcements.

When the cinematic trailer came out back in October 2015, the response was critically against the DLC. Over 49,000 people disliked the video on YouTube, and it sparked a discussion about the content of the game.
TotalWarhammerActionThe sizeable backlash “disheartened”  one of the game developers, Rich Aldridge, who gave a short interview to Eurogamer about it back in December 2015.

The Press Release includes a statement from Creative Director Mike Simpson on the topic. “The Chaos Warriors have proven to be hugely popular,” he said. “By extending the deadline for getting them for free by a week, we can ensure loyal fans who don’t feel like pre-ordering  don’t miss out, while still rewarding early adopters whose support is really valuable to us.”

Total War: Warhammer is set to release on May 24th for PC, Mac, and Linux. Check out the Steam page if you’re interested, and follow their Twitter for other game updates.

If you’re on the fence about pre-ordering, the Total War YouTube channel uploaded a Let’s Play video showing off the Chaos Warriors content.

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Test : Severed

Severed est un bon jeu basé sur un concept presque entièrement tactile qui tient la route presque jusqu’au bout. Son univers morbide et mystérieux, sa réalisation aux couleurs chatoyantes et son système de combat de plus en plus complexe mais parfaitement expliqué font honneur au talent de Drinkbox à créer des titres originaux. Dommage qu’une poignée de détails gênants et une dernière partie d’aventure beaucoup moins intéressante et équilibrée viennent gâcher un peu le tableau de cette jolie exclusivité taillée spécialement pour la Vita. : Dernieres news de jeux vidéo

Making a Hearthstone Card: The Madness of Yogg-Saron

Now we’ve got a tale to tell you of the ones from long ago.

The Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods has 134 new cards to collect, but none of them have quite gotten attention and fan chatter like Yogg-Saron. The Legendary card is one of only four Old Gods, and his random effects make him by far the most unpredictable. With special access from Blizzard’s Team 5, we can reveal unused Yogg-Saron card concepts and design insights straight from designers Mike Donais and Peter Whalen. 

The story of Yogg-Saron’s development actually begins as a broader picture, with the development of the Old Gods as a family of cards. The initial concept was actually to have each card impact one of the core pillars of the game, and to take effect immediately when the game started. C’Thun would replace your entire deck, N’Zoth had an impact over your minions, Y’Shaarj replaced your Hero Power, and Yogg-Saron gave you extra Mana crystals. It worked well thematically, but it was limiting from a design perspective.

“We hit on the cultist ritual mechanic that we wanted to do for C’Thun, and at that point we started moving away from that symmetry where all of the Old Gods affected you at the start of the game,” Whalen said. “And once we broke with that symmetry a little bit it made more sense to find the most fun designs for each of the Old Gods rather than try to tie them together into that mold.”

Instead, the focus of the Old Gods designs shifted from having a singular theme, to a broader idea of what Donais called “blow-your-mind” effects. And some of the rejected designs, while they didn’t work for a variety of reasons, were truly mind-blowing.

Design Notes: This is the first version of Yogg-Saron that we have a record of. We wanted the old gods to blow your mind when you saw them. We tried some crazy versions that had effects if they started the game in your deck. This one is a mixed blessing, your turns are really short, which can be exciting if you opt into it. As a bonus, once it’s in play, all your spells are 1 mana which can cause some crazy turns.

Despite this effect being limited to only when it’s on the board, this effect was simply too powerful. Mike Donais said some combinations were “absolutely ridiculous,” and as a result it didn’t take long to change this design into something a little more reasonable. In particular, he said, playtesters would use Mage decks with Pyroblast and Arcane Intellect to deal massive damage and keep their hands full for more burn spells. As long as they could keep Yogg-Sarron on the board for a turn, it was essentially a guaranteed win. However, the shortened turn timer was one idea that the team would circle back to before development was finalized.

Design Notes: Playing these games had a weird feeling where one player felt like an adventure boss and the other felt like they were playing normal Hearthstone. It seemed like it was possible to make it fair, but the games didn’t feel particularly good, so we moved in a different direction.

This design would cap you at four mana, but you’d start with an important advantage. The result was a unique game style built around early leads and a “snowball” effect, but it ultimately wasn’t very enjoyable for either player, for very different reasons. 

“If your opponent got to 6 crystals and could stabilize, they won, and otherwise you could just kill them with 5/4s,” Whalen said. “It really felt like playing an A.I. where it feels good when you win but really bad when you lose. And it felt kind of boring for the guy who had just 4 mana crystals. Just, ‘I’m going to do this thing.'” 

There wasn’t much flexibility on the side of the player with Yogg-Saron, since the deck would be built with as many four-drops as possible, along with a handful of 1- and 2-Mana cards so you could play multiples on one turn. Your opponent’s best hope was to “get lucky and stabilize with AOE.” And while it wasn’t necessarily unfair to the opponent, it certainly felt that way. That sensation was more important than the statistics.

“More than just the power level, it was the feel,” Donais said. “Even if his winrate ended up being 50%, the times you lost to it felt really bad.”

The team says they also attempted this with one less Mana crystal, so you would be capped at three, but it still didn’t work.

Design Notes: We decided to try the 15 seconds per turn version again because it was exciting to play. People who liked the gameplay would include it in their decks even if it wasn’t powerful. Some people didn’t like being rushed and would avoid playing it.

This effect, which is essentially a one-sided Nozdormu, had lots of flavor going for it. Whalen even said that if they’d gone with the design, they would have liked to have some special animation to announce its presence. 

“We’d do some cool effects where he popped out of your deck, ate your mind, and popped back in,” he said, “to announce to both players that something crazy happened.”

As a trade-off for your short turn timer, you would have access to a 5-Mana 10/10, the largest Mana-to-stats ratio in the game to date. It was a Legendary built around calculated risk, and Donais said it was best for the player who tended to take quick turns anyway. However, it ran into technical limitations. 

“We had some problems with that, because the phone interface is a bit slower, and also if you had just a minor lag on your Internet service or if some cards don’t interact perfectly,” Donais said. “We’d have to really engineer turn timers so they were perfect. We didn’t have the resources to do that and weren’t sure it would be worth doing the card even if we had that.”

Design Notes: We wanted to move the Old Gods to be more build-around, so we sat down and redesigned almost all of them. This one was the crazy spell build-around. People were very excited about it, but it turned out to be very, very dangerous.

This design was very close to the finalized one, but rather than cast a set of random spells, it would recast all of the ones you already had. The exploits were plentiful. The team said they simply found too many one-turn kill decks.

Blizzard cited a Druid deck with Bite and Claw, so you’d immediately build up a lot of armor and attack value at once. A Warrior deck used Charge with Blood Warriors, so you could get extra copies of Yogg-Saron and give him Charge as well. The Rogue could exploit Assassinate and Headcrack, but the bigger risk was to sap all the interactivity from the game.

“Infinite Yogg Saron,” Whalen said. “It turns out if you play him and you cast Vanish that game, really, nobody gets to play Hearthstone anymore. You don’t always win those games but they’re not that fun.”

Design Notes: Here is the design we finally arrived at and tentatively all liked. One last change after a lot of testing was removing 2 from his Health. He was pretty strong, we wanted to make him a touch weaker while still feeling large enough to be Yogg-Saron. We couldn’t change any numbers in his Battlecry, and we liked all the gods costing 10, so Attack and Health were the only things we wanted to change at this point.

The near-finalized design had him as a 7/7, requiring only a minor tweak. Donais said reduction to five health made him “a little less reliable” so he wasn’t simply an auto-include in spell-based decks. Even then, though, the engineering team had a task ahead of them. The randomness, and the need for Yogg-Saron to interact with every spell in the game, required a lot of meticulous testing. Ben Brode recently said on a stream that Yogg-Saron took the longest to program, and Donais and Whalen agreed. 

“Some of the spells on the back-end needed a little massaging to make it work in this crazy context being cast alongside other things,” Whalen said. “Also the cards involving choosing had some difficulties because Yogg-Saron made the choice for you, like Tracking for example, or the Druid choice cards. That required a bit of additional work too. Secrets uses a slightly different code path than everything else so it took a little extra as well. The engineers needed to go through basically every card and make sure it worked right.”

The result is a random effect that may not make its way into competitive tournament decks, but has made for some of the best replay and highlight videos of the expansion so far. Even in Blizzard’s own reveal stream, Yogg-Saron impacted the board in unexpected ways leading to a dramatic finish. 

“One of the important things [for Old Gods] was you had to build your deck a certain way to take advantage of them,” Whalen said. “We tried a bunch of different big payoffs for what Yogg-Saron does. The super-consistent Yogg-Saron variants caused you to kill your opponent that turn or create such an overwhelming advantage that it wasn’t that much fun. So we ended up tweaking it for this random version, which ended up being a lot of fun and much healthier for the game than creating a bunch of one-turn kills.”

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GG Xrd – Revelator sort son édition spéciale

Comme cela arrive de temps en temps avec le revendeur Rice Digital, il sera possible d’acheter Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- dans une version spéciale, disponible aussi bien sur PS3 que PS4.Cette Let’s Rock! Edition sera livrée le 10 juin prochain – pour sa sortie dans nos contrées – du côté du revendeur britannique, bien que les précommandes soient déjà ouvertes contre 69.99 livres sterling. Au programme : Deux vinyles rouges reprenant le Soundlive 2014 de Daisuke Ishiwatari.La BO complète.Un artbookUn code DLC pour le personnage bonus RavenLe jeu sur PS4 ou PS3 : Dernieres news de jeux vidéo