Final Fantasy XV : petit tour en plein air

Square Enix vient de diffuser la nouvelle démo champêtre de Final Fantasy XV, celle que les spectateurs du Max Linder ont pu admirer dans des conditions optimales hier soir. Et ils sont pour le moins chanceux, étant donné la qualité moyenne de la vidéo que Square Enix fournit ici aux internautes. Malgré tout, la présentation vaut le coup d’oeil puisqu’elle vise à donner une idée de l’étendue de la carte. Cet extrait ne propose donc volontairement aucun événement ni combat, uniquement de l’exploration. Petit détail : la région de Duscae que l’on voit ici est bien celle que l’on visitera en partie dans la future démo jouable, laquelle semble d’ailleurs confirmée pour le mois de mars, à temps pour la… : Dernieres news de jeux vidéo

Shack Snack: October 30, 2014

It’s Halloween Eve, or Mischief Night as we call it up here in the Northeast, so today we’ve got a spook-tacular Shack Snack for you to watch.

Actually – it’s just a regular old Shack Snack episode, but I like to think this one is just a bit scarier if you watch it with your lights dimmed.

DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition Postponed Indefinitely

DriveClub’s release on PlayStation 4 earlier this month has been nothing short of ugly. It’s been plagued by numerous server issues, so much so that the promised PlayStation Plus version still has yet to see the light of day. In fact, don’t expect that version to leave the garage anytime soon. Nearly a month after it was set to release, Sony has officially delayed the PlayStation Plus version of DriveClub indefinitely.

Super Smash Bros. For Wii U Will Bring Pre-Loading Feature To Console

This latest generation of consoles has finally caught up with PC as pre-loading has been a feature many PC players have been enjoying for quite some time. Sony and Microsoft have been offering pre-loading for their titles for some time now, and it looks like Nintendo is ready to jump onto the bandwagon with the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Microsoft Band Is A Wearable That Wants To Improve Your Health And Productivity

Microsoft has announced its first official wearable product geared towards both productivity and keeping track of your vitals with its Microsoft Band. Microsoft Band allows the wearer to track a number of workout-related items, such as how many reps you’ve made and calories burned, and also includes a heart rate monitor that is able to check on you for a complete 24 hours

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Assassin’s Creed Unity Takes Arno to World War 2

The Eiffel Tower features in Assassin's Creed Unity, a game set in the French Revolution of 1789, despite not being built until 1887.

How is that possible? Well, a new trailer from Ubisoft shows protagonist Arno Dorian venturing through a "time anomaly" in the Animus, which sees him arrive in a Paris of the 1940s under German occupation in World War 2. After landing in a metro tunnel and narrowly escaping an on-coming train, Arno climbs the Eiffel Tower and uses a conveniently placed machine gun to take on some airplanes. 

Ubisoft has confirmed that World War 2 is one of the most requested setting for an Assassin's Creed game and it's possible they're teasing a future project. 

It's not clear how much of Unity will be set during the 20th century or whether the game's much touted co-op will feature in this part of the game, but either way, you can check the trailer below. 

Assassin's Creed Unity launches on November 11th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 


Dying Light: Techland Caught Hiring Steve the Zombie

It seems zombies can participate in the labour market just like the rest of us, with Dying Light developer Techland hiring Steve the zombie as their consultant on the living dead. 

Steve 's face was scanned into the game to make the most realistic zombies ever, and he also provided the sound effects for his brethren. Techland's first undead employee also inspired the game's more power night-time zombies given his increased passion for work after dark.

It's not all fun and games having a zombie on the team however, with one Techland employee telling us "The biting is the first thing that gets annoying very very quickly." Steve also has the stench of rotting flesh about him, which is particularly troublesome on hot days. 

Still, he hasn't killed anyone yet which is a definite plus.

Dying Light is set for release on January 27th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game were recently cancelled.  


Valkyria Chronicles daté sur PC

Sega promettait de ne pas trop nous faire attendre et la promesse est plutôt tenue : récemment confirmé sur PC, Valkyria Chronicles sera disponible le 11 novembre en téléchargement. A lire également : Notre test de Valkyria ChroniclesHérité de la PlayStation 3, ce jeu d’action/stratégie se déroulant dans un passé militaire fictif se relancera à 19.99 euros, avec tout le contenu additionnel disponible d’office. On parle plus exactement d’un mode Hard EX, de six missions challenge et de deux missions narratives supplémentaires (une pour la pop-star Edy, l’autre pour la méchante Selvaria).L’annonce (rapportée en premier par Gematsu) étant encore toute fraîche, aucune information n’est disponible concernant les configurations et les options spécifiques au PC. Le jeu sera par ailleurs certainement… : Dernieres news de jeux vidéo

Far Cry 4 Goes Gold, Gets a New Multiplayer Trailer

Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry 4 has gone gold ahead of its release next month and there's a new multiplayer trailer to check out as well.

Executive Producer Dan Hay commented “We added verticality. We gave the player the ability to fly. We gave them the ability to fly in co-op. We gave them the ability to fly and have the other player down on the ground running around while they’re flying. We made the number of encounters way higher. The encounters are different, and the animals are different. The characters are unique, and your friends will have subtly different experiences with the story. I’m proud of both the quality and the sheer volume in Far Cry 4.”

Antagonist Pagan Min looked into the country's history of warfare, and used ancient myths to shape the legend of his royal army. These 'Rakshasa' can charge into battle mounted on elephants, summon animals, and have powerful weapons such as swarm arrows. They can disappear into the jungle at will, and get up close to an enemy using blink arrows. 

On the other hand, the Golden Path use modern day vehicles and weapons including machine guns and mortars.

You can play as either faction in the game's multiplayer and there are three types of conflicts: 'Outpost', which are Golden Path facilities that need to be captured by the Rakshasa, 'Propaganda', where Golden Path fighters have to destroy Pagan Min's misinformation, and 'Demon Mask', in which you're tasked with capturing the masks and stopping them falling into enemy hands. 

Far Cry 4 is set for release on November 18th for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The multiplayer trailer is below, and you can watch 90 minutes of gameplay here.