Shack Snack: September 29, 2014

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Destiny DLC expansion packs exposed in strange bug

Destiny is expected to receive a substantial update that will leave many of us who have been grinding away to obtain Legendary gear able to finally sleep well at night knowing Engrams will finally offer what they’re supposed to. But it looks like the game needs to be updated much sooner as a new bug has surfaced that has shown off what looks to be the names and some information regarding upcoming expansion packs.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare ‘Legends of the Lawn’ free update releasing 9/30

EA & PopCap Games’ Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare has been receiving some regular updates over the past few months. Today, both companies have announced a new update, called Legends of the Lawn, will be available for free on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 tomorrow.

PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle contest from Sony and Taco Bell

Sony and Taco Bell have had quite the relationship over the years as both companies have worked together to give customers of the popular Mexican fast-food chain a chance to win several PlayStation products. Today, the two have announced they’re teaming up once again to give fans the chance to win a Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle.

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Dragon Age Inquisition : les outils de création

Electronic Arts et BioWare font le tour des outils de création proposés dans Dragon Age : Inquisition au moment de façonner l’inquisiteur idéal.De la cloison nasale à la couleur de l’iris en passant par la densité de la barbe et les attributs spécifiques à certaines races comme les cornes, on retrouve ici les différents paramètres usuels dans la création d’un personnage de A à Z. Dragon Age : Inquisition sera disponible le 20 novembre sur PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 et PC Windows. : Dernieres news de jeux vidéo

Die Staufer

Portada de Die Staufer

Portada de Die Staufer

Die Staufer

Autor: Andreas Steding

Editorial: Hans im Glück

Nº Jugadores: 2-5

Duración: 60 Min.

Edad:  10 años en adelante

Fiel a su cita anual con la feria de Essen la editorial alemana Hans im Glück anunciaba en los pasados días la publicación de una nueva versión de su clásico Carcassonne así como un título completamente nuevo: Die Staufer. Este nuevo lanzamiento ha sido diseñado por el autor alemán Andreas Steding, autor entre muchos otros de juegos como Firenze, Hansa Teutonica o Norenberc.

Desgraciadamente la información aportada por la editorial aún es escasa ya que apenas ha adelantado el funcionamiento del juego a grandes rasgos. En Die Staufer es un juego con varias capas en el que los jugadores acompañarán al emperador Frederick Barbarossa en sus viajes por el sagrado Imperio Romano. Durante la partida se subastan de forma oculta y simultánea. El objetivo de los jugadores consiste en formar mayorías en el consejo y usar las cartas de acción de la mejor forma posible.

Die Staufer será publicado en dos ediciones diferentes a cargo de Hans im Glück y ZMAN Games en alemán e inglés respectivamente.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division: 20 Minutes from EGX

Ubisoft's delayed MMO shooter Tom Clancy's The Division was the highlight of a Ubisoft panel at this weekend's Eurogamer Expo. Brand art director Rodrigo Cortes came up on stage to discuss the game's finer points, all captured on footage and uploaded by YouTuber E3 '14. Only a few bits of gameplay were shown, as the bulk of the presentation covered art and technical details.

The Division was originally set to release later this year, but the development crew at Massive, Reflections, and Red Storm Entertainment wanted to work on further polishing the title. Many recent Ubisoft titles have been delayed, including Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed Unity. Some delays have been significant (as in the former case), while others were less so (only two weeks for the latter).

Tom Clancy's The Division is scheduled for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One in 2015.


L’Ombre du Mordor : le Season Pass en vidéo

On le savait déjà mais on peut désormais le voir, La Terre du Milieu : L’Ombre du Mordor profitera un Season Pass compilant tous les contenus additionnels à venir.A lire également : L’Ombre du Mordor en toute saisonnalité A part cette vidéo d’annonce, détaillant brièvement les nouveaux modes de jeu et les personnages importants du DLC, on apprend juste la tarification du sésame qui s’élèvera à 24,99 dollars (et probablement à un montant similaire en euros). La Terre du Milieu : L’Ombre du Mordor sortira demain sur PlayStation 4, PC et Xbox One, et le 18 novembre prochain pour les versions PlayStation 3 et Xbox 360. : Dernieres news de jeux vidéo

Destiny Once Had a Much More Interesting Story – Report

A few weeks ago a fan theory came to light about Destiny's story, which essential posited that actually, the Traveler and the Speaker weren't quite as benevolent as they appear and may actually have been the Darkness rather than the Light. 

According to a Bungie game tester, who is breaking his or her NDA to reveal this information, it seems that the theory may actually have some truth to it after all. 

Diver2441 writes: 

“The story revolved around discovering that there was something wrong with the Speaker and the Traveler. As a Guardian, you were abducted by this yet to be named group led by Crow (a deleted character)…The Traveler was the cause of the collapse of the Golden Age because this group found through their travels that the Darkness was a spawn of the Traveler rather than its rival. Essentially when the Traveler was brought to Earth it unleashed the Darkness and took over the technology humanity used and turned it against them. As that happened centuries ago, the truth was twisted through the Speaker to say that the Traveler protected Earth in its darkest moment than destroying it.”

It's noted that numerous locations in the game are named, but are inaccessible. These areas, such as King's Watch, could be reached through a glitch in the beta but appear to be completely removed from the main game and suggest lots of locations, such as Old Chicago, were cut. 

As for Crow, some believe he is in fact the Reef Queen's brother, who made it into the game with a much diminished role. As the changes to the story appear to have happened within the last year, many have suggested that they have something to do with the departure of writer Joseph Staten in September 2013. 

To fill in for the gaps in the story, someone was hired late in the game's development to write the grimoire cards, this is also why the lore doesn't appear in-game, as there was no way to implement a lore codex at such a late stage. 

It seems highly unlikely that Bungie will comment on cuts to the game's story and it's possible much of what was left out could be re-introduced later through DLC but if large sections of the plot were removed it would explain a lot about Destiny's poor narrative.